What is unique about our RN Geriatric Care Management and why choose us?

RN Geriatric Care Management blends the best practices of Case Management (seen in hospitals and insurance companies with focus on the individual health and medical situations) with Care Management (focuses on other factors such as insurance, financial and environmental conditions to develop a short term and long term plan of care and plan of action). These professionals have years of experience working with elders and families and decades of experience within the health care and insurance systems.

RN Geriatric Care Management explores main areas of aging well which include medical conditions, medications, insurances, service options/costs, environmental safety and long term planning. Included is a detailed report with recommendations and referrals. The result is a sense of clarity, a feeling of relief and a focused action plan with clear next steps.


  • Knowledgeable and objective guidance through the health care and aging care systems

  • Find solutions to complex care situations

  • Link to specific and quality community resources

How do I get started?

RN GCM services begin with a phone consultation to determine if services are a good fit and how best to move forward. Some care situations are time sensitive and require a more urgent intervention while others have the benefit of more time.

RN GCM services through the ELCN are appropriate in either case. Start by calling 774-773-0600 or completing the contact form below.

Real World Examples for RNCCM Services

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